Ford Introduces New Towing and Hauling Technology for 2021

Ford Introduces Smart Bed and Smart Hitch Technology for 2021

Ford Introduces New Towing and Hauling Technology for 2021

The Ford F-150 is getting some pretty advanced new towing and hauling technology this year. For the 2021 model year, the F-150 will be available with three new technologies: Onboard Scales, Smart Hitch, and Adaptive Dampers.


“We’re constantly working to deliver a continuous history of capable, strong and smart trucks designed to make the F-150 customer even more productive,” said Todd Eckert, Ford truck group marketing manager, “This summer we’re delivering three new features all about enhancing the F-150 customer experience while delivering even greater confidence when towing and hauling.”

What is Ford’s Onboard Scales?

When you load items into the bed of 2021 F-150 with Onboard Scales, the approximate weight of items in the bed will be measured by special sensors and displayed on the dash-mounted touchscreen and the FordPass app. If you already have items in the bed and want to individually weigh new ones, that can also be done by zeroing out the weight and then adding the new items.


Besides just checking the weight on the dash display, or a smart phone, Ford has also integrated “smart taillamps” to gauge how much weight is in the bed. The way it works is that there are four LEDs in the rear taillamps that illuminate vertically as you add more weight. The more LEDs that light up, the closer to maximum capacity your truck bed is. When all four lights are lit up, that means your bed is fully loaded!

What is Ford’s Smart Hitch?

Next technology up is called Smart Hitch. This new system uses special sensors to measure the tongue weight of a trailer being connected to the F-150. Using the same dash-mounted touchscreen and FordPass app, the system will display the tongue weight so that one can see if the trailer loading is excessive and needs to be distributed better.

What is Ford’s Adaptive Dampers?

Adaptive Dampers is not actually a new technology, Ford has offered it previously on their Expedition and Navigator vehicles. What’s new is that it’s now available for the F-150. Adaptive Dampers is a ride- and handling-improving technology. The way it works is that a computer continuously analyzes signals from high-sensitivity motion sensors and then adjusts the vehicle’s response by changing the fluid valving in the shock absorbers.


Where Adaptive Dampers really earn their keep is that the engineers at Ford have integrated their operation with Onboard Scales and Smart Hitch technology to provide for an exceptionally smooth trailering and hauling experience.

When will these three new technologies be available?

Ford says that Onboard Scales, Smart Hitch, and Adaptive Damping can be ordered on new F-150 trucks in early June, with deliveries beginning in late summer. These three technologies add to a selection of available technology for F-150 such as Pro Power Onboard, PowerBoost full-hybrid powertrain, Active Park Assist 2.0 , Trailer Reverse Guidance and Pro Trailer Backup Assist, and Pre-Collision Assist with Automatic Emergency Braking.

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